Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Are Justin Bieber’s Fans Addicted To The Internet?

Are Justin Bieber’s Fans Addicted To The Internet?: "

Well, not addicted per say, but just much more likely to learn about Justin Bieber online rather than in magazines. This seems to be the case after the Audit Bureau of Circulations released the numbers for Justin Bieber’s Vanity Fair issue, which as it turns out only sold 246,000 copies. This is the lowest-selling issue of the magazine in 12 years – yikes!

Also, Justin’s issue of Teen Vogue magazine from October 2010 sold 12% fewer copies than the average issue the magazine puts out.

We all know that Justin continues to get more and more popular every day. So, the only reason we can think of for these poor magazine sales is the fact that many Beliebers spend their time online and don’t need to buy magazines to get their Justin fix. Also, these magazines put out the photos from their shoots online and often even publish the articles – so there’s really no need to buy the physical magazine issue if you only want to read about the person on the cover.

What do you think?