Monday, November 21, 2011

Justin Bieber Tweets About The 2011 MTV EMAs

Justin Bieber Tweets About The 2011 MTV EMAs:

The 2011 MTV EMAs are taking place today in Belfast, Ireland and Justin Bieber is at the event with his girlfriend Selena Gomez – who is hosting the event! Here’s what Justin already Tweeted to his fans about the EMAs:

Saw @selenagomez rehearse for the EMA hosting tomorrow. she is going to do a great job. THE HOFF is excited. just received my first EMA this year…got the award for our charity work. I say OUR because we do it together…I know what it is like to not have alot…so it feels great to be in a position to #giveback. thanks to everyone helping me. #MUCHLOVE

Congratulations Justin!

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