Friday, February 17, 2012

Justin Bieber Explains Airport Confusion February 2012

Justin Bieber Explains Airport Confusion February 2012:

Justin Bieber took to Twitter last week to explain some confusion that he ran into at the airport. As it turns out, while Justin’s fans may have thought he was running away from them, that wasn’t the case at all!

The other day in the airport i got surrounded by 20 paps. I dont like small spaces and i just wanted to get on the plane. I ran to get thru the gate and there is a video of me running by fans and on the other side you dont see the 20 paps. I would never run by my fans and for those that i did pass that day I AM SORRY. I know my fans are my everything. I know my responsibility to them. I LOVE MY BELIEBERS. so as i get older i know i will learn to deal with these things better and better just still learning. still human. just had to get that out.
Yikes! Were you one of the fans Justin ran by while trying to escape the paparazzi?