Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Justin Bieber Raps About Penises, Pellegrino

Justin Bieber Raps About Penises, Pellegrino:
It is definitely say to say Justin Bieber is all grown up.
And not just because he's been caught smoking pot on more than one recent occasion.
The teenage sensation is featured on a new Maejor Ali track, joining that artist and Juicy J in rapping about "lollies" and how various ladies loves to suck on their… lollies. We don't need to spell out this metaphor for you, do we?
Bieber's verse is all about watching Netflix with your girlfriend and how he's "poppin' Pellegrin" left and right.
Should fans be offended? Should Selena Gomez be grossed out? Listen to the song above and decide now.