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The Advice Joe Jonas Had for Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez

The Advice Joe Jonas Had for Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez:

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Joe Jonas, 24, is no stranger to growing up in the spotlight. As a former member of The Jonas Brothers, he knows exactly what it’s like to rise to fame at a young age.

With this in mind, Jonas had some sage advice for Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez.

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Bieber has been in trouble with the law as of late, including an alleged DUI, And Gomez just announced she finished rehab after checking in “voluntarily.”

“Something that I heard from someone I looked up to was, ‘Watch the people around you and learn from their mistakes so you don’t make the same,’” Jonas told E! News over the weekend in New York City.

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The singer continued, “I just held on to that and any time I saw a celebrity I really looked up to screw up, I just was like ‘All right, I am not going to do that or try my best ability to avoid that,’ so it’s just a learning tool.”

Jonas added that he’s a Gomez fan and wishes her only the best.

“Her career’s been great and she is going to succeed and I want her to succeed and I want her to be happy,” he said.

Jonas and his brothers Kevin and Nick just called it quits as a band in October after being together since 2005. ”It was a unanimous decision,” Joe Jonas said at the time.

Singer Not Happy to Be Butt of ‘Loser Keeps Bieber’ Hockey Jibes

Singer Not Happy to Be Butt of ‘Loser Keeps Bieber’ Hockey Jibes:

AP bieber ml 140129 16x9 608 Singer Not Happy to Be Butt of Loser Keeps Bieber Hockey Jibes

(Credit: Joseph Nair/AP Photo)

Justin Bieber’s feeling unloved.

First the 19-year-old pop star found himself the center of a White House petition to deport him, and then winds up embroiled in a furious international sports rivalry between the U.S. and Canada.

So what’s a bad boy to do when he finds himself the butt of a series of jokes and jibes? Why, take to Twitter of course.

Bieber posted a tweet to his near 50 million followers on Friday voicing his upset over all the negative fuss of late, including the most recent “Loser Keeps Bieber” incident.

It all began last week in the lead-up to the Olympic hockey battles between the U.S. and Canada, amid bets between fans, commentators and even world leaders over which rival neighbor would win.
But one Chicago-area company took it further by erecting an electronic sign along a major expressway with the words “Loser Keeps Bieber,” threatening the losing country with having to keep the Canadian-born pop star, who currently lives in the U.S.

The sign showed Bieber between pictures of Chicago Blackhawks hockey players Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews, who played for the U.S. and Canada respectively at Sochi.

But it didn’t end there. A new sign put up by Command Transportation after the U.S.’s 1-0 loss to Canada in Friday’s men’s hockey semifinal appealed for a “best 3 out of 5.”
Command Transportation owner Danny Zamost told The Associated Press the company was simply having “Good, clean fun,” though Bieber might not see it that way.
At least the star, who turns 20 next week, is trying to keep a brave face.

Justin Bieber’s ‘Baby’ Hits a Billion Views on Vevo

Justin Bieber’s ‘Baby’ Hits a Billion Views on Vevo:

GTY bieber baby video jtm 140224 16x9 608 Justin Biebers Baby Hits a Billion Views on Vevo

Gregg DeGuire/Getty Images

Justin Bieber might be a bit upset about being the butt of an Olympic-sized joke, but today he gets to have all the laughs. The Canadian singer’s music video for “Baby” is the first Vevo video to hit a billion views.

Vevo uploaded the video back in February 2010 and three years later it is now Vevo-certified 10 times over again. On Feb. 23, the music video was approaching the 1 billion mark, but Vevo’s tweet and hashtag promotion pushed it over the billion-view marker.

One of the first to congratulate the singer was none other than his manager, Scooter Braun. Braun took to his Twitter page to applaud both Bieber on the accomplishment using the trending hashtag #BabyHit1Billion.
Although Bieber hasn’t tweeted anything out himself in regards to this huge landmark, he has retweeted Vevo’s congratulatory tweet. This new milestone comes only a few days after Bieber tweeted about his life being “all about the music” on Feb. 21.

Friday, February 7, 2014

The Pickup Scene in Justin Bieber’s New Music Video is So Corny

The Pickup Scene in Justin Bieber’s New Music Video is So Corny:

Who knew that spicy snacks were such a turn-on?

Justin Bieber was busy Wednesday - had a date with Toronto police - but he also managed to release his latest music video, “Confident.”

The video, featuring Chance The Rapper, shows the 19-year-old entertainer on the prowl, following a woman into a gas station convenience store.

White House Must Address Petition to Deport Justin Bieber

She dumps a bag of Takis Fuego - hot, crunchy snacks made by Barcel, a Mexican company - on the counter.

Biebs roams the aisles, whistling. Eventually he approaches.

“Wassup?” he asks.

“Hi,” she responds, smiling nervously.

“How you doin’?”


“Umm … I’m Justin, first of all. I saw you walking by.” He notices the snack bag on the counter. “Are these Takis? I love Takis … What are Takis?”

They’re like little taquitos, she explains. The Biebs remains fixated on the snacks.

“I would like to ‘Taki’ to you on the phone,” he says, gesturing with his hand. “I’d like your number.”

She cackles.

“I think you’re going to have to try harder than that,” she says, walking away.

Their courtship continues at a dance club, where Bieber - seemingly nourished from his Takis - shows off his swagger. They leave together, off to consider other snack food options. Cheetos? Doritos? Ah, the spiciness of life.

See Where Justin Bieber Partied After Being Detained at NJ Airport

See Where Justin Bieber Partied After Being Detained at NJ Airport:

GTY justin bieber 466259187 jt 140201 16x9 608 See Where Justin Bieber Partied After Being Detained at NJ Airport

Anna Webber/Getty Images
What is a teen pop star to do after a DUI arrest and a border patrol detainment at a New Jersey airport?

Party, of course.

Justin Bieber attended the Maxim Super Bowl Party, sponsored by Talent Resources, early this morning in New York City. Bieber showed up around 2 a.m. through a private garage and he left around 3:45 a.m.

Bieber, 19, was flanked by his security team as he entered the event. Partygoers described Bieber’s security team as aggressive when the singer made his way through the sea of people.

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One girl was elbowed and others were pushed out of the way, sources told ABC News. The security team also tried to prevent anyone from taking a photo of the troubled pop star by flashing lights directly into people’s eyes, sources said.

“He was having a great time, he met some girls, he was hanging out with his friends,” another partygoer told ABC News. “He was really, really cool. He was super chill, he hung in the back. He didn’t cause a scene or any problems, and he stayed after his friends left. He was having a really chill night. I didn’t see him have any alcohol.”

Justin Bieber Cleared to Enter US After Plane Held

It’s been a roller coaster week for Bieber, who was detained at Teterboro Airport Friday on suspicion that marijuana was on board his private plane, sources confirmed to ABC News. Bieber was eventually let go after a lengthy interview by Customs and Border Protection agents.

Just days ago, the pop singer turned himself in to Toronto police in connection with an alleged assault on a limo driver that happened last year.

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Bieber was also arrested for alleged DUI and drag racing in Miami, after leaving a nightclub around 4 a.m. Jan. 23.

Before that, Bieber’s Los Angeles home was searched in early January, as police looked for evidence of whether he was involved in a neighborhood egging that could result in a felony.