Friday, February 7, 2014

The Pickup Scene in Justin Bieber’s New Music Video is So Corny

The Pickup Scene in Justin Bieber’s New Music Video is So Corny:

Who knew that spicy snacks were such a turn-on?

Justin Bieber was busy Wednesday - had a date with Toronto police - but he also managed to release his latest music video, “Confident.”

The video, featuring Chance The Rapper, shows the 19-year-old entertainer on the prowl, following a woman into a gas station convenience store.

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She dumps a bag of Takis Fuego - hot, crunchy snacks made by Barcel, a Mexican company - on the counter.

Biebs roams the aisles, whistling. Eventually he approaches.

“Wassup?” he asks.

“Hi,” she responds, smiling nervously.

“How you doin’?”


“Umm … I’m Justin, first of all. I saw you walking by.” He notices the snack bag on the counter. “Are these Takis? I love Takis … What are Takis?”

They’re like little taquitos, she explains. The Biebs remains fixated on the snacks.

“I would like to ‘Taki’ to you on the phone,” he says, gesturing with his hand. “I’d like your number.”

She cackles.

“I think you’re going to have to try harder than that,” she says, walking away.

Their courtship continues at a dance club, where Bieber - seemingly nourished from his Takis - shows off his swagger. They leave together, off to consider other snack food options. Cheetos? Doritos? Ah, the spiciness of life.