Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Justin Bieber Alerts The Press That He Hurt Himself!

Justin Bieber Alerts The Press That He Hurt Himself!:

Justin Bieber Sprained His Arm

Oh no! Justin Bieber has just alerted everyone that he has injured himself!

Fans thought that Justin might have been wearing a bandage on his arm as a fashion statement, however that is definitely not the case. Justin took to Twitter to clear up the rumors and reveal the truth:

For people who think I’ve been wearing the bandage on my arm for fashion know I really sprained it. So feel bad.. Lol jk but no I really did.
Justin Bieber Sprained Arm

Aww, we do feel bad! Justin didn’t reveal how the injury happened. We hope he feels better soon!

A source also revealed Justin’s “emotional connection” to Selena Gomez. Read more here!