Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Justin Bieber Calls Himself An “Orange Gym Rat”

Justin Bieber Calls Himself An “Orange Gym Rat”:

Justin Bieber Workout

Justin Bieber has been working out SO hard recently! He just stopped dating Selena Gomez and has been dating Miami model Yovanna Ventura instead. Ever since starting to date Yovanna, Justin has been super into working out, way more so than before!

Justin shared the photos here of himself working out, and he called himself an “orange gym rat.”

We made it #ogr #orangegymrats #dontbescared
Do you like that Justin is getting super fit? Or did you like it better when he looked like the boy next door?

Justin Bieber Workout Photo

P.S. Austin Mahone credits Justin with launching his career!