Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Justin Bieber Following In Louis Tomlinson’s Footsteps – Find Out How!

Justin Bieber Following In Louis Tomlinson’s Footsteps – Find Out How!:

Justin Bieber Hockey

Justin Bieber is full of surprises! Not only is he back with ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez AND living in California again, he just surprised some of his fans at an ice rink on June 23, 2014!

Justin visited the Los Angeles Kings Valley Ice Center and he was nice enough to pose for a photo after skating around a bit with his fans! Looks like everyone had a bunch of fun and was happy to hang out with the international pop star!

Justin Bieber LA Hockey

Justin has always been a fan of hockey, he even has the logo of the Stratford Cullitons hockey team on his shoulder blade.

Any chance Justin plans to buy a hockey team like Louis Tomlinson just bought a soccer team? Louis had this to say about purchasing the Doncaster Rovers team:

I grew up in Doncaster and have felt the love for football run through the town, it’s for that reason that I have a real personal passion to make Doncaster Rovers a success story.
Louis is diversifying his money so that even if One Direction ends in the future he has good investments to fall back on. Do you think Justin will do the same? Take our poll!