Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Justin Bieber Heads Back To The Gym For Selena Gomez

Justin Bieber Heads Back To The Gym For Selena Gomez:

Justin Bieber Gym

Justin Bieber is back in the gym to tone his body! The note he shared with fans made it sound like he had taken a bit of time off from the gym, but now that he’s back with Selena Gomez he’s back to working out!

Justin posted along with the workout photos below:

Back in the gym #dontbescared #orangegymrats
Justin Bieber At The Gym

Selena has revealed in the past that she isn’t a huge fan of working out – instead she prefers to dance! Before her Stars Dance tour last year she told her fans:

I’m working out — and I don’t ever do that! I actually want to get more into dancing. Before I started working on the single, me and my girlfriends would get together and we would dance at 10 o’clock at night until 1 in the morning and we’d make fun videos. That’s what’s been helping me kind of stay active, have fun and learn how to move. It is an art form and I definitely want to get good at it.
Sounds like Justin and Selena won’t be hitting the gym at the same time!