Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Justin Bieber In The Recording Studio June 13, 2014

Justin Bieber In The Recording Studio June 13, 2014:

Justin Bieber In The Recording Studio

Justin Bieber can’t keep himself out of the recording studio, even when he is back with his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez. Fans thought Justin had thrown himself into his music this year to forget his turbulent relationship with the former Disney star, however that is not the case.

Justin and Selena are back together again, and Justin still spent last night in the recording studio. Justin shared the photo below from the studio session.

Justin Bieber Recording Studio

Justin is hard at work on an R&B and Rap album. He has worked with a number of artists on new tracks, including Lil Wayne, Austin Mahone, Cody Simpson, Birdman and more.

Plus, Justin has hit the recording studio with Selena and the pair recorded a song together. The song has not been released yet, and it’s unclear if it ever will be.

One artist that Justin will never work with though is Taylor Swift. Taylor is beyond mad at Justin and Selena right now, and it’s unclear if she and Selena are even on speaking terms at the moment.

Taylor is upset that Justin and Selena keep getting back together, and she believes that the relationship is ruining Selena’s career and her health. Selena has barely worked this year, but perhaps the former Disney actress decided that she wanted that to be the case to clear her head and get a fresh start on her career in 2015. Only time will tell.

Justin and Selena have yet to comment on Taylor’s feelings about their reunion. Stay tuned!