Friday, July 18, 2014

Justin Bieber Tells Yovanna Ventura She Is “So Sweet”

Justin Bieber Tells Yovanna Ventura She Is “So Sweet”:

Justin Bieber Calls Yovanna Ventura Sweet

Yovanna Ventura posted a very inspirational message for her fans this week! Check it out below:

You’re all beautiful In your own way, don’t wish to be or look like anyone else because being you is what makes you unique, if you don’t like something about yourself don’t sit in your bed and cry, work to change it and if it’s something you can’t change learn to love it, learn to love yourself or you won’t be able to know how loving others feel. Be happy and don’t let envy or hate take over your heart.
Yovanna’s rumored boyfriend Justin Bieber read the message and thought it was great! He sent Yovanna the following note:

Tell em @yoventura ;) ur so sweet.
Aww! Do you think this pair makes the perfect couple?