Sunday, August 17, 2014

Justin Bieber Accused of Spitting on Nightclub Patron

Justin Bieber Accused of Spitting on Nightclub Patron:

Just when things start to calm down in Justin Bieber's world, things always heat back up, this time a Columbus, Ohio man is accusing the singer of spitting in his face over the weekend at a nightclub.

The victim called the Dave and Jimmy radio show on Tuesday (July 16) to explain the confrontation with the “Beauty and a Beat” crooner.

"Justin Bieber spit right in my face," the man said. "It was in the VIP area ... two of Bieber's bouncers approached me and said I was trying to take pictures."

He continued, "He called my mom something, called my dad something, called me something, and spit in my face."

There has been no comment from the Biebs camp, but according to TMZ, the man plans to file charges over the incident.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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