Saturday, November 29, 2014

Will Justin Bieber’s Next Home be in Rancho Mirage?

Will Justin Bieber’s Next Home be in Rancho Mirage?:

Justin Bieber New Home Rancho Mirage

Over the weekend Justin Bieber stopped by Rancho Mirage for a visit. Rancho Mirage is a resort city in Riverside County, California. It lies about 100 miles east of Los Angeles, California and is near Palm Springs. While he was there Justin had lunch at a Johnny Rockets.

The population of Rancho Mirage is just a bit over 17K, but it has been a very popular place for stars to visit for many years.

Celebrities that have visited the area included Frank Sinatra, Bob Hope, Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers and Queen Elizabeth II. Several past US presidents have also vacationed there, including Ronald Reagan, Gerald Ford and Richard Nixon. President Gerald Ford bought a house in Rancho Mirage and the Betty Ford Center, a world-renowned addiction rehabilitation center, is located there at the Eisenhower Medical Center.

Most recently Leonardo DiCaprio is said to have bought a house in Palm Springs and Anne Hathaway is rumored to have been looking at homes in the area.

What do you think, is Justin looking around for a new home or just out having some fun?