Saturday, October 31, 2015

Justin Bieber Unveils 'Purpose' Songs via Graffiti

Justin Bieber Unveils 'Purpose' Songs via Graffiti:

Justin Bieber spent his Wednesday teasing fans with song titles from his forthcoming album, Purpose. On Wednesday afternoon, he began tweeting and sharing on Instagram the album's track list via photos of graffiti on walls located around the world.

The first one, "Mark My Words," was from Sydney, Australia. Track two, "I'll Show You," came by way of London. "What Do You Mean?" was from Stockholm, Sweden. The single, "Sorry," featured graffiti from Paris, France, while the fifth song, "Love Yourself," showcased a wall in Oslo, Norway. The sixth artful script, "Company," was taken in Berlin, Germany.

A photo posted by Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) on Oct 28, 2015 at 4:09pm PDT
The singer took a several-hour-break before resuming his song posts up, with art from North American cities. The album includes high-profile collaborators, including Big Sean on "No Pressure," Travi$ Scott on "No Sense," "The Feeling" with Halsey and "Where Are You Now" featuring Diplo and Skrillex of Jack Ü. Skrillex also serves as the co-producer of "Sorry" alongside Blood.

Purpose is Bieber's fourth LP and his first since 2012's Believe. He released Journals, a compilation of new songs in 2013. His new Kanye West-assisted album is out November 13th.

Purpose Track List

1. "Mark My Words"

2. "I'll Show You"

3. "What Do You Mean?"

4. "Sorry"

5. "Love Yourself"

6. "Company"

7. "No Pressure" featuring Big Sean

8. "No Sense" featuring Travi$ Scott

9. "The Feeling" featuring Halsey

10. "Life Is Worth Living"

11. "Where Are Ü Now" featuring Jack Ü

12. "Children"

13. "Purpose"

14. "Been You"

15. "Get Used To Me"

16. "We Are" featuring Nas

17. "Trust"

18. "All In It"

19. "What Do You Mean" (Remix)

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Hear Justin Bieber's Hotline-Released 'Hotline Bling' Cover

Hear Justin Bieber's Hotline-Released 'Hotline Bling' Cover:

Just two days after the debut of the Purpose track list, Justin Bieber has tacked his own remix on to the ever-growing list of remakes of Drake's "Hotline Bling." For Bieber's take, listeners can call the number (231) 377-1113 or listen to the track below.

Bieber released his hotline digits on his social media accounts after Instagramming a photo of himself holding a tennis racket with "1-800-HotlineBling Remix" emblazoned across it. "Should I?" he wrote in the photo's caption. "Love to my bro @champagnepapi. Canadian bros really doing it."

After dialing the number, Bieber launches directly into a lo-fi, short skit before his cover. "What do you mean it's not like that? Oh, you're sorry?" the singer says over the track's beat. "Well, where are you now that I need you? But girl, lemme just tell you something."

For Bieber, "Hotline Bling" transforms from a tale about an ex-girlfriend who left moved out of the city to a more heartbreaking story of an ex who cheated on him. "You used to call him on his cell phone, when you couldn't reach my love," he sings

At the end of the call, an operator briefly plugs Purpose, due out November 13th, before offering the option to "stay in touch with Justin's bling bling."

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Sunday, October 18, 2015

Justin Bieber: 'I Want to Live Like Jesus'

Justin Bieber: 'I Want to Live Like Jesus':

For Justin Bieber, the past few years have been defined by arrests, scandals (night club urination, confiscated monkeys) and public attempts to soften his image and reboot his career. Now the 21-year-old pop superstar – whose new, Kanye West-assisted LP is out November 13th – has shared the source of his redemption: Christianity. "I just wanna honestly live like Jesus," Bieber told Complex in a lengthy cover story. "Not be Jesus – I could never – I don't want that to come across weird. He created a pretty awesome template of how to love people and how to be gracious and kind. If you believe it, he died for our sins."

The singer clarified that he's "not religious," as he's bothered by the "really weird stuff going on at churches" and the holier-than-thou attitude of certain Christians. But he emphasized that his life has been transformed by faith. "We have the greatest healer of all, and his name is Jesus Christ," he said. "And he really heals. This is it. It's time that we all share our voice. Whatever you believe. Share it. I'm at a point where I'm not going to hold this in."

The key to being Christian, Bieber said is having "this connection that you feel there's no insecurities" – not simply enjoying fellowship at church. He also used an unorthodox analogy to drive home his point: "You don't need to go to church to be a Christian. If you go to Taco Bell, that doesn't make you a taco."

Elsewhere in the wide-ranging interview, the singer discussed his scandals, public perception and progress on his new album. Bieber says he's learned a lot from the "creative input" of Kanye West, who's collaborated on the LP alongside producer Rick Rubin. "I'll play a song, and he'll be like, 'Man, this reminds me of like ... a blacklight sunset,' or something," he says. "He'll try to paint these pictures for you. It's not the average way. He doesn't just come in and say, 'This sounds good; this sounds bad.' He'll be like, 'This is this because the world needs this.' He comes from a whole different point of view."

Bieber also talked about his recent EDM focus, displayed on comeback single "What Do You Mean" and Jack Ü collaboration "Where Are Ü Now" – explaining that he's shelved multiple albums on the path toward his current creative mindset.

"I've done probably three or four albums that I haven't released yet," he said. "I've gotten all of these different modes, and try to dive into different ideas, and I finally came up with something that was pretty genius. I have these collaborations with Skrillex and Diplo, like 'Where Are Ü Now' that just took off. This is their first top 10 record. It just shows that we're breaking barriers in the EDM world. I think people have been trying to do it for a while, making dance music, like Usher and all of those people, but I don't think it's been done in the right way."

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Justin Bieber Says Floyd Mayweather's Critics Are 'Stupid'

Justin Bieber Says Floyd Mayweather's Critics Are 'Stupid':

Justin Bieber and Floyd Mayweather have been buddies for a few years now, doing the kinds of things 21-year-old pop stars and 38-year-old undefeated champs tend to do when they're in the same room: launch apps, box shirtless, wear sunglasses indoors. You know, totally normal stuff like that.

So it should come as no surprise that the two have each other's back. In the past, Mayweather has defended Bieber's music (we think?) to reporters, and Bieber has called Money a "clean-cut guy." Now, Biebs is doubling down, in a Complex cover story that truly is the gift that keeps on giving.

In the interview, Bieber is asked whether or not hanging out with people like Mayweather makes him an easy target for critics. In his response, Bieber basically said that Mayweather's haters are stupid for hanging onto to his every word – because he's an entertainer who knows how to work the system.

"With Floyd, he's just an image," Bieber said. "I think he may not do the best job at being humble, but that's not his job. I mean, it's good to see people that are just humble and cool and down-to-earth and chill, but he's trying to get pay-per-view numbers. He's saying wild stuff just for attention. When people can just stop being stupid – sorry to say that – but when people can stop reading into it so much and just look at the fact that he's doing this for entertainment…"

Hey, at least Bieber apologized for calling us stupid. And he does have a point: Mayweather routinely says and does outrageous things to hype pay-per-views, which, in turn leads to huge paydays. There's a reason he's the world's highest-paid athlete, after all. But is it stupid to criticize a vain, vindictive guy with a dark history of domestic violence? What would Jesus do, Biebs?

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Justin Bieber Threatens to Sue Over Nude Photos

Justin Bieber Threatens to Sue Over Nude Photos:

Justin Bieber is threatening to sue a New York newspaper that published nude photos of the singer on vacation. A cease-and-desist letter was sent from Bieber's legal team to the New York Daily News demanding the takedown of 20 paparazzi-snapped photos of Bieber's recent vacation in Bora Bora with his rumored girlfriend, British model Jayde Pierce. In the photos, which were censored by the paper, Bieber is strolling around his ocean-side resort completely naked. (Unfortunately for the singer, the uncensored photos have also hit the Internet.)

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Bieber's legal team asked for compliance with the cease-and-desist letter within 12 hours; that time has now passed and the Bora Bora gallery is still live on the Daily News site along with 75 other various Bieber photos. The cease-and-desist letter also claims that, by publishing the nudes, the newspaper is in violation of the singer's publicity and privacy rights, as well as infringing on his trademark.

However, the cease-and-desist letter also confirmed that it is, in fact, Bieber in the nude photos; there was some brief online speculation regarding the veracity of the photos before Bieber's legal team confirmed them. "We recently became informed that your company has obtained and is distributing unauthorized photographs of our client including images showing him without clothing," the cease-and-desist letter says.

Bieber hasn't spoken publicly about the photo leak on social media. TMZ reports that while Bieber's legal team was doing their job with the cease-and-desist letters, it's unlikely any lawsuits will result from the unauthorized nude photos.

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