Monday, November 16, 2015

Justin Bieber's 'Purpose': Meet the 17-Year-Old Co-Producer Behind the Album

Justin Bieber's 'Purpose': Meet the 17-Year-Old Co-Producer Behind the Album:

Steve James
Steve James

Elliott Brockelbank
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Pop sensation Justin Bieber is prepping for the release of his fourth studio album, Purpose, coming out Friday, Nov. 13. He has already teased an eclectic handful of singles off of the LP, including "Where Are U Now," "What Do You Mean?," "Sorry," and most recently, "The Feeling" with indie pop star Halsey.

Bieber and his team seem to have pulled out every trick in the book to hype up his releases for this star-packed project. From celebrity plug-ins to graffiti signs to an entire week appearing on Ellen, fan excitement over the imminent album drop continues to reach new peaks.

However, Beliebers have been cued in for an additional surprise that revolves around the title track, "Purpose."  One of the producers credited on the record is 17-year-old Pittsburgh native named Stephen Philibin, better known by his stage name Steve James.

The up and coming artist received his driver’s license only six months ago, but he and his team have confirmed that the opportunity "couldn’t have been any more perfect."

Steve spent his summer in Los Angeles with managers Jay Cao and Brett Bassock, who helped coordinate the studio sessions. When asked to create a chord progression that would resonate with "Purpose," Cao mentions, "Steve whipped up the chords in five seconds."

"Working with Poo-Bear, specifically, was an enlightening experience," James says. "His feedback on my music helped me open the door to a new realm of music that was once outside my comfort zone."

James and his team admit there was a time of doubt whether or not Bieber would end up singing on the track, but when they received the final cut and seal of approval, Cao fondly adds that James "cried like a baby, gave me the biggest hug and said ‘Wow, we did it!'"

The young gun has remixed Zhu and The Weeknd in past releases, and is currently prepping his first single coming out soon under his solo project.